Floreat Athena - Grant Announcement

The Floreat Athena Soccer Club has secured a $3 million grant from the Federal Government.

Floreat Athena – Grant Announcement

Dear Floreat Athena Member and Supporter,

The Floreat Athena Soccer Club is very excited to advise all members, supporters and our local community that it has secured a $3 million grant from the Federal Government.

It is provided specifically for the upgrade of the Litis Stadium and will enable us to share the facility with other sporting and community groups.

The Club is now preparing to update the Master Plan and roll out the Club Development Plan, which were completed last year. This will include ongoing consultation with all of our stakeholders, both within and outside the Club.

Some of the exciting initiatives we can now progress are:

  • The establishment of a Rotary Hub with the Heirisson Rotary Club’s Interact (secondary school) and Rotoract (young adults) Clubs
  • The Velodrome Café which will incorporate an Interpretive Centre that acknowledges the heritage and history of the Stadium. It was originally the State Velodrome, built for the Empire (Commonwealth Games)
  • Upgrade of the Clubrooms so that local not for profit community groups can use it for meetings, activities and events (on a cost recovery basis only).
  • Upgrade of the sporting areas so that they can be shared with other sporting and recreation groups

Our Club Development Team has worked really hard over the past 2 years to find ways for the Club to fund the upgrade of the facility and the cost of its ongoing maintenance. We appreciate that the City, whilst it is the custodian of the site, is unable to provide these sorts of funds on an ongoing basis.

We are indebted to those people who approached government agencies, philanthropists and foundations on the Club’s behalf. In particular we acknowledge that Senator Peter Georgiou’s sustained advocacy to the Federal Government has achieved this fantastic result.  We at the Club are extremely grateful to Minister Mathias Cormann for arranging the funds on behalf of the Federal Government.

Our Club was formed in 1951 and has sustained itself for almost 70 years mainly through fundraising, sponsorship and donations. The clubrooms were built in 1986 entirely through the cash and in-kind contribution of the members.

This generous grant will ensure that the Club continues to be an important sporting, cultural and social asset in our community.

I invite you to check in to our website where we will be posting information and updates of this initiative as it rolls out.

Yours sincerely

Dimitrios Thomas


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