Our Teams


League       Fixture  Results  Ladder

Under 20    Fixture  Results  Ladder

Under 18    Fixture  Results  Ladder

Under 16    Fixture  Results  Ladder

Under 15    Fixture  Results  Ladder

Under 14    Fixture  Results  Ladder

Under 13    Fixture  Results  Ladder

Under 12    Fixture  Results  Ladder


NATIONAL CUP (Westfield FFA Cup)

League   Fixture  Results


STATE CUP (Coolridge Cup)

Reserves (Under 20)    Fixture  Results

Under 18s                     Fixture  Results




AIA Vitality MiniRoos

Under 6                                          Fixture  Cluster No. 7

Under 7                                          Fixture  Cluster No. 7

Under 8 – North Joeys Bronze                   Fixture          Results

Under 8 – North Socceroos Green            Fixture          Results

Under 9 – North Olyroos Gold                   Fixture          Results

Under 9 – North Socceroos Gold              Fixture          Results

Under 10 – North Green                             Fixture          Results

Under 10 – North Orange                           Fixture          Results

Under 11 – North Blue                                Fixture          Results

Under 11 – North Orange                           Fixture          Results


Smarter than Smoking Junior Boys League

Under 13 – Division 2                                   Fixture          Results          Ladder

Under 15 – Division 2                                   Fixture          Results          Ladder

Under 16 – Division 1                                   Fixture          Results          Ladder


Consolidated Energy Amateur League

Amateur Division 2                                     Fixture          Results         Ladder

Amateur Division 2 Reserves                    Fixture          Results         Ladder


Amateur Cup                                                Fixture          Results

Amateur Reserves Cup                               Fixture          Results


Consolidated Energy Masters League

Masters North Division 3                           Fixture          Results         Ladder

Masters Cup                                                Fixture          Results

If you would like information on any of our teams or would like to contact us, please contact us via email or call (08) 9242 1132

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