Hall of Fame

Many people past and present have helped build our club with their tireless volunteer work and community spirit. Below is a list of people who have made this club what it is today.



The following members have been recognised for their outstanding contributions to the club -


Anastasios Pilkadaris

Andreas Katsandonis

Michael Lekias

George Palassis

Evangelos Litis

Despo Litis

Nick Poulios

Agnoula Poulios

Stelios Ntoumenopoulos

George Mitoulas

Peter Pilkadaris

Klarey Andritsos

Bill Thomas

Evangelos Tzoganos

Evangelos Hajigabriel

George Frossos

Rose Papalazaros

Poppy Georganis

Sam Albanis

Theo Christidis

Kostas Saragianis

Jack Tiniakos