Floreat Athena FC Secures 10 Year Lease at Litis Stadium

Floreat Athena Football Club is excited to announce Litis Stadium will remain the club’s home for the next decade, until at least 2030.

The 10-year lease was voted on at Tuesday night’s City of Vincent Council meeting, following a series of forums and workshops between the club, City administration staff, Mayor Emma Cole and City Councillors over the past two years. 

“This is a very significant milestone for the club” said Athena Secretary Emmanuel Takoniatis.

“In the space of less than 12-months the interim board, specifically the working group which has comprised of Con Poulios, Peter Kapsanis and Nick Farrell, have generated a lot of positive dialogue and goodwill which shouldn’t be underestimated by any means”.

“We only had one year left up our sleeve and that was at the Council’s discretion. A week ago there was a proposal to grant the club just a five-year lease with a five-year option, again at the City’s discretion”

“So to be able to persuade Council enough to give us long tenure has been a significant challenge”.

The Council’s decision will allow the club to stay focused on developing junior talent and unearth the stars of tomorrow.

Mayor Cole echoed Takoniatis’ sentiments and said the club’s members should be proud of the achievements of the board.

“The club has secured a long-term future at Litis Stadium. And, through this process, we have built a stronger partnership between us” she said. Mayor Cole also added that

“We have always recognised Litis Stadium as the home of FAFC and understand the importance of the clubroom's remaining under lease to the club”.

“This is all the more important as we now work together to secure the Federal Government’s $3-million grant for the benefit of the club and the community".

“On behalf of the City of Vincent, I thank the Executive Committee for the commitment they have shown to the club and for the positive way they have worked with us to secure your future at Litis Stadium”.

Takoniatis stressed that for now it was business as usual and many positive opportunities lied ahead for the future of Athena.

He said with the upcoming Annual General Meeting the members of the club were now in a strong position to ensure the club’s future was set out for the long term.